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Wheel-I-Am makes his telepresence felt at Feros Care

Residential and community aged care provider Feros Care is trialling the use of a telepresence robot nicknamed Wheel-I-Am for remote-controlled video consultations with GPs and specialists.

Wheel-I-Am is from the Double Robotics range of telepresence robots that look like an iPad mounted on a Segway-style electric scooter. The tablet can be used for two-way video consults and in this trial, the GP or specialist is able to remotely move the iPad to the left, right, up or down using their keyboard or direction commands on their smartphones. They can even command the robot to do a 360.

Feros Care is also using Wheel-I-Am in the social setting, taking him out to art galleries and museums where he is able to stream live footage back to the aged care facility, where residents can watch on a big screen. They can also ask questions of the tour guide as if they were actually there.

I wonder how good the peripheral vision is on these things. #ehealth #health #technology

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