By Changing Your World, You Change Our World

What the NHS can learn from healthcare innovations around the world | Healthcare Professionals Network | The Guardian

The Five Year Forward View – the vision for the future of the NHS in England – will require radical change at every level of the healthcare system. We must take advantage of innovative ways of working, engage patients in their own care and implement new treatments and technologies. But the time lag between innovation and system-wide transformation is often too long.

Recent research by the Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) has sought to identify the factors that can facilitate rapid change. The IGHI examined eight organisations in seven countries that successfully introduced and rapidly spread an innovation that resulted in improved health outcomes.

Despite their differences, these success stories shared four enabling agents: strong leadership with a clear vision, good communications, dedicated investment in change and the creation of a specific programme to make change happen. These are the keystones of change management.

PACS outcome: the number of patients waiting more than six weeks for imaging services reduced from 100,000 to 1,000; cost savings were, on average, £425,000 per hospital per year #innovation #healthcare

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