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Telstra Health launches 24/7 telemedicine service

Telstra Health has just launched a new GP telemedicine service, ReadyCare, providing Australians the ability to connect with a doctor and receive advice, treatment, diagnosis and prescriptions using only their mobile phone or tablet. A team of registered Australian doctors have been hired to operate the service 24-hours-a-day, enabling consumers constant access to medical professionals, regardless of their location.

Once a patient calls through to the service, they speak to a telemedicine assistant to determine if the call is suitable for a telemedicine consultation. A GP will then call them back at a time that suits the patient.

Patients can talk with a GP using phone or video, upload images of their condition and receive comprehensive care.

ReadyCare is intended to be a complementary service, not a replacement for a regular face-to-face GP appointment. #health #technology #telemedicine

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