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Plan to remove nurses from nursing homes

Registered nurse Jocelyn Hofman has faced a lot in her career. But after nearly 30 years looking after vulnerable nursing home residents in the Blue Mountains, she is scared.

NSW nursing homes could soon be able to operate without registered nurses on site because of changes to the federal funding system for aged care. She says if this move goes ahead, it could leave elderly people without the medical care needed to keep them alive and prevent unnecessary suffering.

"I'm very scared for the future of aged care if this goes ahead. We need the public to know because the public doesn't realise what is going on," Mrs Hofman said. "It is a big thing for families to bring their loved one in to a nursing home, and they want to know they are being looked after. We are all entitled to medical care, and that doesn't diminish when you get older."

"It's all about money," she said. "The elderly are not a commodity, they are a loved one, someone's mother, someone's father, aunties, uncles. We have got to look after them because that is what a decent society does".

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