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In Praise Of Play

Robin Williams once said, "The world is open for play." But how often, in the midst of the daily grind, does it really feel that way?

When we measure our lives in to-do lists and devote every moment to being productive, play, of course, falls by the wayside. Living in a culture of busyness, productivity and overwork, we condition our brains to do things in order to get them done; to always achieve, accomplish, finish, check off. Even when we do pursue fun, adventurous experiences, it's often for the purpose of ticking them off of a bucket list.

Our disdain for play, silliness and pure nonsense is even reflected in our vocabulary. "No-nonsense" people, who take themselves and their work seriously — and have no time for activities that don't further their goals — are celebrated and held up as examples to be followed. But a little nonsense in your day may be a very good thing, not only to boost your mood but also as a way to remind yourself that work (and life) can actually be fun.

What if we thought of work as play?

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