By Changing Your World, You Change Our World

Don’t ‘manage’ change, dance with it

Change fatigue.

Perhaps you’ve have heard this phrase bandied about a lot in the last couple of years. Workforces are getting weary of the unrelenting change they now face. Or are they? Hmmm…this is a good one to ponder.

Y’see, change is arguably the most natural phenomena known on this planet. All matter is, in some way, in perpetual change. Even if it seems impervious or static. Hark back to those boring science classes that Mr Dunley used to deliver in a distinctly monotone voice in Year 8. Atoms. Neutrons. Electrony-thingos. All that stuff. It’s in constant movement.

Don't try to control #change; dance with it instead. #changemanagement #transformation #management

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