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Aged care: power to the people

The new Consumer Directed Care program starts on July 1 and is expected to impact about 200,000 people. It removes spending decisions worth billions of dollars from home care providers and hands them to families, and follows government concerns that some providers were not doing what they should.

However, seniors with more money will have to pay extra. An income-tested care fee, for people earning more than $25,264.20 a year will be charged up to a maximum of $5000 a year for part-pensioners and $10,000 a year for self-funded retirees, up to a lifetime limit of $60,000.

Kylie Lambert, the CEO of home care specialist Daughterly Care, says the changes are “a revolution that has turned the aged care industry upside down”.

The new CDC aims to make #agedcare services more transparent for consumers – not easier. #ACAT #health #care #agedcare

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