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Mindful Change

Jeremy Hunter has written an article titled, "How to navigate the scary, winding road of change" in Mindful Magazine (Article here).

Jeremy talks about his own personal experience with change whilst battling and subsequently winning his kidney disease fight.  He goes on to discuss why after winning the battle he sunk into a major depression.  That depression led him to investigate what happens when life events change us for the better and/or worse.  He concludes that these change events trigger a transition within us that requires a "shedding of self" or a period of reconstruction.  

Without sounding trite, it's a chance to reconstruct our identity, who we are and who we present to the world.  It explains a lot about how we respond to change and why some of us when presented with positive change suffer from depression.  Think about post-natal depression.  What should be a positive, life changing event oft-times isn't.  Perhaps it is chemical, hormonal even, but maybe it's just such an overwhelming change to who we think we are that we need time to rebuild our image of self.

It can be the same for organisational change.  If we are fundamentally changing the role someone occupies in the organisation are we allowing room for transition of the individual?  Do we allow enough time or indeed make allowances for individual rates of transition?

Something worth bearing in mind for all Change Management professionals.



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