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Fairlight Baths

My friend Belinda lives within walking distance of this magical little beauty that I sourced as one of the "54" Sydney Ocean Baths on my list.  We'd been meaning to catchup for quite some time to talk work, life and the universe.  Now, you may have heard of walking meetings; we just invented swimming meetings.  Okay maybe it existed before and we've just discovered it.

Fairlight Baths are a natural rock formation although helped quite a bit by a "concretus detractus", fair bit of concrete surrounds.  The actual pools have quite a bit of natural seaweed with quite an active bit of flora and fauna.  The high tide can bring high waves in at the far end but it was safe enough on the day for lots of families with small children.  Snorkel gear appeared the norm too, suggesting lots of things to view.  Must get a snorkel.


Fairlight is a beachside suburb with housing built right down to the shore so it has the feel of a residential suburb beach – which indeed it is.  Outside the main pool there is a smaller kiddies pool.  There is a walkway along the foreshore and the actual beach is well-protected so safe for littlies and those not so keen on the wave-stuff.


Belinda almost killed me walking back up that hill.  She's a little taller and much fitter so you can understand my oxygen deprivation.  It was worth it.  There is a lovely little cafe, The Butcher's Cafe, who serve a lovely coffee and a really good burger.

Particulars: (rating 1-5 lowest to highest)

Rating 2.5 – There are showers, toilets and change rooms, quite clean too.  While not a true "rock" ocean bath it is still pleasant and the adjoining beach is sheltered and protective.  Parking may be difficult as it is quite suburban

Cost – Free

Parking – on street so come early


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