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10 Reasons Human Potential Zeitgeist is Emerging

In reviewing my archives, I came across this article from 2012 "10 Reasons the Human Capital Zeitgeist is Emerging

It outlines 10 reasons why Human Capital and things like employee engagement are on everyone's lips. Interestingly, it seems to have taken no traction as here we are in 2014 and the same things are being talked about. No action.

I wonder whether it's the inability of organisations to change from within. After all, not many large organisations are capable of self-change nor self-introspection. Established patterns are hard for people and organisations alike to alter. Certainly without an external driver causing the need for change.

We all react to things that force us to change; like markets changing direction, products and technology morphing and people. Let's not forget the people who are reluctant to change unless something happens that forces this like; divorce, bereavement and disease to name the big three.

Harvard business professor Teresa Amabile cites her study which found, “A large percentage of employees at all levels feel dissatisfied with their organizations, apathetic about their work, and/or unhappily stressed.” Amabile adds, “the most critical rule for keeping people satisfyingly engaged is to support consistent progress on meaningful work.”

Maybe the time has come for organisations who want truly engaged employees to assess whether they are true to their values, mission, ethos. And craft a truly meaningful workplace based on trust that you mean what you say.


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